My debate with Rep. Howard Berman came off without a hitch on the 20th of this month.  To his credit, the Congressman did show up and the debate was lively although one sided, as I soon realized that my Republican competitor had jammed the cafeteria with his supporters.  I guess I was lucky that I was not the source of their ire.

Nevertheless, I held my own, even as I espoused views I knew would be found unfriendly by the neo-conservative crowd, such as my insistence on ending the failed wars on drugs & terror.  I readily admit I was not the most popular candidate at the event, but walk away comfortably knowing that I had won the most converts, or at least, sparked some critical thinking.  The work is only beginning!

Check out the videos, and let me know what you think...

Debate Update


My much anticipated debate with Rep. Howard Berman is a mere four days away, and we are in full campaign mode!  Last time, I wrote about this event expressing skepticism at the possiblity of the incumbent's attendence.  I still have my reservations but am doing my best to expect the unexpected.