The American Immigration Lawyers Association is collecting the stories of young people who would qualify for relief if the DREAM Act were to be enacted into law.  Telling the stories of DREAM Act students will help build support for this bi-partisan bill.
The DREAM Act is a bill that would facilitate access to college for immigrant students in the U.S and provide a path to permanent residence for ambitious immigrant youth who were brought to the U.S. as young children and who want to pursue higher education or military service.  You may be eligible for the DREAM Act if:

* They came to the United States as a child (15 or under;
* They are a long-term U.S. resident (five years or more); and
* They have graduated (or will graduate) from high school or have obtained (or will obtain) a GED;

If your are willing to share your story, please email them to me at  AILA & myself will treat all submissions with complete confidentiality and do not intend to publish or release any of the information without express permission.  Please include as many details as are appropriate given sensitivities about confidentiality and privacy.

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