Debate Update


My much anticipated debate with Rep. Howard Berman is a mere four days away, and we are in full campaign mode!  Last time, I wrote about this event expressing skepticism at the possiblity of the incumbent's attendence.  I still have my reservations but am doing my best to expect the unexpected.
Although thankful for this opportunity, (since after all, many incumbents will not even face their competitors) I chuckled yesterday upon receipt of the debate format and saw the time constraints.  Mind you, I have already participated in two candidate forums where those aspiring to public office (or maintain theirs) were given four and fifteen minute opening statements, respectively.  In what could very well be the most important event in the race for the 28th Congressional District, the candidates are being alloted two minutes for an opening statement, and 45 seconds to respond to questions.

It takes me more than two minutes to clear my throat, let alone explain the impending disaster about to be visited upon us if we do not change our domestic & foreign policies.

Indeed, we are suppposedly serving democracy by staging this event, which is scheduled to include three candidates and conclude within 45 minutes.

Would a crime witness's testimony be limited to two minutes, even five minutes?  I think not, then why am I limited in my testimony of the crimes being committed against Americans by their own government?  How can any potential voter truly grasp our now foreign concepts of freedom & personal responsibility with only 120 seconds in which to explain it?

I submit that there appears to be more of an interest of "showing democracy in action", than in actual democracy here...

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