The restrictionist movement is on the march again!  This time, however, we will not repeat the mistakes of 2007.  We, who know the true nature of immigration, must ensure that our voice is just as loud if not louder than the fear mongering.   With that, I give you our opening salvo.  Enjoy... and feel free to share.

All research has been made possible through the Reason Foundation, the CATO Institute and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

This coming Thursday, March 25th, 2010, those who wake up to the cry of FREEDOM will have the opportunity to meet their Libertarian Party candidates of the San Fernando Valley at 18533 Ventura Blvd. near the corner of Reseda Blvd. in Tarzana at 7pm.

Why Defeat Proposition 14?

Proposition 14 would change California's voting system in the following ways:
Parties will no longer be able to hold closed Primary Elections, and thus will not be able to protect themselves from ill-intended outside interference from the two major Parties.



Politicians have grown so accustomed to talking above us and we, for our part, have conceded that the problems of government are too complex for our little brains to understand so... "just leave it to us", they say.  The malbirthed Hitler spoke no more truer words when he said: "WHAT LUCK FOR RULERS, THAT MEN DO NOT THINK..."