As some of you may know, I am currently scheduled to debate the incumbent Democrat Howard Berman as well as the Republican candidate on October 20th, 2010 at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks.  The event I am told is being graciously sponsored by the Sherman Oaks Home Owner's Association. I was also informed that Mr. Berman’s campaign requested I be there.  What a guy…
Many people who are following the Rodriguez Goes to Washington Express have expressed their excitement about the three candidates sitting down to discuss the issues.   Nevertheless, I find myself cautiously optimistic for the following reason:  Without having done a scientific poll, it seems to me that many debates never go forward or, at the very least, suffer a fatal blow from a missing key candidate.  In this case, if anyone were to fail to appear, be most assured it will be Howard Berman.  Indeed, the scheduling of this debate already exemplifies his political prowess.  Notice the date, October 20th, a mere two weeks before the election, a time when most voters already have an idea of who they plan to vote for.  If Rep. Berman is well ahead in the polls, what would be the benefit for him of debating me and thereby exposing all that is wrong with our present government?  None and thus, HE WILL NOT SHOW.   And blame the absence on a more pressing government obligation... which too many will be all too happy to believe.

If, however, as expected, we blow the lid off this boiling stew of hypocrisy & corruption and give the good sir a run for his office, then, and only then, will he come to the showdown at the Sherman Oaks Corral.  And probably attempt to paint me as an extremist because I want to cut the size of the government dole.

Nevertheless, in scheduling this debate, Rep. Berman has already done much more than what he ultimately does or fails to do on the evening of October 20th.  He has silenced those, including myself, who suspect that he will be hiding under his desk until after his carefully gerrymandered voters have swept him in to office for a 15th term on November 2.

In plain talk, we can no longer say "Where is Howard?" without a Dem saying "at Notre Dame High School, October 20th, buddy"!  The sad part is, he probably won't show up, and will, in fact, be under his desk until his carefully herded sheeple have voted him in yet again.

Let’s pray that I’m wrong and that we have begun to unplug the matrix in the next 50 days.

In either case, I will be present and ready on Wednesday, October 20th at 6pm at the corner of Woodman & Riverside in good ol' Sherman Oaks.   I hope you will join me.

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