Why Defeat Proposition 14?

Proposition 14 would change California's voting system in the following ways:
Parties will no longer be able to hold closed Primary Elections, and thus will not be able to protect themselves from ill-intended outside interference from the two major Parties.
Only the two candidates who get the most votes in the Primary Elections would be put on the ballot for the General Election in November, regardless of their Party affiliations. Thus, a race on the November ballot will have only two candidates, and it would almost certainly be a Democrat and a Republican, or two Democrats, or two Republicans. Voters will lose choices in the elections that count!

It would also eliminate write-in votes in the General Election, further guaranteeing that only Democratic and Republican Party candidates will ever be put on a California General Election ballot.

With NO Libertarians candidates on the General Election ballot, our Party will likely lose ballot access, forcing us to spend enormous amounts of money and volunteer hours to regain it every year.

Since there are still a majority of Democrats and Republicans in California, it's unlikely that any other Party's candidates would ever make it to the General Elections ballot, where all voters can vote for whichever candidates they wish.

It practically guarantees that Democrats or Republicans will be on California's General Election ballot in every race, but other parties' candidates never will be on California's General Elections ballot.

The only way this pernicious proposal could get on this June's ballot was by Republican Abel Maldonado cutting a back-room deal to approve Governor Schwartzenegger's unpopular budget. It needed only one vote to pass, and Maldonado sold his vote to the Governator. In return, our Governor supported this protectionist proposition by hosting a very expensive fund raiser in Los Angeles recently.

Proposition 14 is a worthless proposal, except that it will protect Democratic and Republican Party candidates from the increasing competition of other Parties' candidates.

Please call Beau Cain at (818) 782-8400 or e-mail him at office@ca.lp.org to volunteer to help our phone team Get Out The Vote (GOTV) to defeat Proposition 14!

Please get started immediately, if you can.  We only have a week before the June election and the mail-in ballots are already being sent in!

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